Diamonds have always been the family business for Jose Aman. He was essentially raised in the industry, as both of his parents were well established in the gold and diamond trade.

Since childhood, Jose has worked in all facets of the diamond industry – mining, transportation, retail, designing and collecting – and has been procuring and dealing investment-grade diamonds for nearly 30 years. He ultimately formed Diamante Atelier owned and managed by Eagle Financial Diamond Group, and has become one of the industry’s most successful and well-respected business owners. His knowledge of the diamond market is unsurpassed.

Jose has an interest in several mines worldwide and owns his own inventory, which is a rarity in the diamond industry. Along with his wife, Rosa, Jose is also very active with various charitable and nonprofit organizations throughout the country.

Diamante features a private gallery (by appointment only) that showcases many of the world’s finest fancy colored diamondsand finished jewelry pieces. This is yet another way in which Jose uses his diamond-industry expertise to offer Diamante clients a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Whether you are a seasoned diamond connoisseur interested in a new addition to your collection or a traditional paper-asset investor looking to diversify your current portfolio with the world’s rarest and most secure hard asset, you will be treated with the respect and integrity that you deserve.


Diamante Atelier strives to provide the highest quality of service in the diamond industry. Business will be maintained at the highest level of professionalism and ethical conduct at all times. Integrity, honesty and loyalty will be placed before all.


Diamante Atelier adheres to the Kimberley Process of ethical mining and never secures rough diamonds from areas that allow or encourage conflict.