Rio Tinto Diamond Coins Have $1.4M Price Tag

Rio Tinto has teamed up with the Perth Mint to release a $1.4 million (AUD 1.8 million) collection of coins featuring three colored diamonds from the Argyle mine. The “Australian Trilogy” comprises a trio of coins from gold, platinum and rose gold, hand-crafted with pink, purple-pink and violet diamonds from the Rio Tinto-owned mine in … [Read more…]

Letšeng Bears Two Diamonds over 100cts!

Gem Diamonds has recovered two rough diamonds larger than 100 carats at its Letšeng project in Lesotho amid a shift to a more lucrative section of the mine, the company said Monday. The heavier of the two, at 151.52 carats, is a yellow, type I diamond. The other is a higher-quality, D-color, type IIa stone … [Read more…]


RAPAPORT… The largest heart-shaped, D-flawless diamond ever offered at auction fetched $15 million at Christie’s in Geneva on Wednesday, the company reported. The 92.15-carat diamond, which was mounted in a necklace, achieved $162,611 per carat, falling within its pre-sale estimate of $14.1 million to $20.2 million. The piece, dubbed “La Légende,” was a creation of … [Read more…]

Stone Bought For $13.00 USD In The 80’s – Sells For 35000 Times More At Auction

RAPAPORT… A diamond ring bought for a pittance in the 1980s is set to appear at a Sotheby’s auction next month with a price tag that’s up to 35,000 times higher. The buyer acquired the cushion-shaped, 26.27-carat, I-color, VVS2-clarity diamond for $13 (GBP 10) at a car-boot sale — a British term for a market … [Read more…]

Harry Winston Purchases Most Exspensive Diamond At Christie’s Hong Kong Auction

RAPAPORT… Christie’s sold $79.8 million (HKD 618.7 million) worth of jewelry at its Hong Kong auction this week, with luxury brand Harry Winston purchasing the most expensive diamond. Nayla Hayek, the jeweler’s CEO, bought the rectangular-cut, 3.98-carat, fancy vivid blue, VVS2 diamond for $8.9 million, or $2.2 million per carat, Christie’s said Tuesday. The price … [Read more…]

Worlds Second Largest Diamond

Sierra Leone’s government rejected a $7.8 million bid for one of the world’s largest diamonds at an auction on Thursday, saying it failed to meet the valuation. The diamond was discovered in the country’s eastern Kono district in March by Christian pastor Emmanuel Momoh and given to the Sierra Leonean government to handle the sale. … [Read more…]

To All Mothers – Happy Mother’s Day!

To all the Mothers on Earth, Thank you for believing in your children Thank you for lifting them up with your love Thank you for the hugs and kisses when nothing else stopped the pain Thank you for teaching confidence when faced with uncertainty Thank you for the discipline to create structure in our lives … [Read more…]

Pink & Blue Diamonds Could Fetch $68M

Sotheby’s will offer what it has called the “most valuable” set of earrings in auction history at its Geneva sale next month – though the two stones don’t match in color. The pear-shaped “Apollo and Artemis Diamonds” — one blue and one pink — will jointly lead the Magnificent Jewels and Noble Jewels auction in … [Read more…]

Fancy Colored Diamonds Investment

“These types of gemstones are not only a hedge against inflation,” he says, “but there is such a limited supply that their value cannot be swayed by government interference or price manipulation, because there is not a hidden stockpile or mine.” Brilliant piece on investing with Fancy Colored Diamonds.  Contact us today to go over … [Read more…]

Sotheby Auction December 8th, 2016

Another spectacular Auction by Sotheby with beautiful pieces and lots being sold.  Auction included Property from the collection of Marjorie S. Fisher of Palm Beach. Here are a few we fell in love with. Platinum, Fancy Intense Purplish Pink Diamond and Diamond Ring Set with a cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant-cut Fancy Intense Purplish Pink diamond weighing 2.22 … [Read more…]